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Ankr Network

– A resource efficient blockchain framework that truly enables Distributed Cloud Computing (DCC) and provides user-friendly infrastucture for business applications.

Ankr Network proposes a novel blockchain solution that addresses the current barrier to mass business adoption

  • Resource-efficient mining scheme based on Proof of Useful Work
  • Scalable Blockchain framework through Plasma sidechains and sharding
  • Native oracle service connecting real-world data of existing Internet solutions to on-chain entities

With this piece of technology, Ankr is able to bridge the gap between the real world and the blockchain. The Ankr’s permissionless blockchain framework can support an ecosystem of decentralized autonomous applications. Team envision that these applications include global P2P payment system, personal credit system, and most importantly, tokenization of real-world assets that were once illiquid (sublease rental contract, real estate ownership, art piece, wine, etc.).


Whitepaper is scheduled for June 2018. I will wait for it before adding more comments to the article.


Key points

  • Proof of Useful Work (PoUW) Consensus Protocol
  • Distributed Cloud Computing (DCC) Platform
  • Seamless interface of oracle service
  • Multi-chain structure supporting consortiums


A young energetic team with good amount of academic knowledge. Teaming energetic youth with seasoned engineers may be just what is needed for project to succeed.

Chandler Song – Founder & CEO

Stanley Wu, Co-founder & CTO — Graduated with a M.S., Rochester University (2008), Computer Science; B.S., Shanghai Jiao Tong University (2006); worked at Amazon for 10+ years of industry. Listed experience in: Distributed System, Amazon Web Service, Cloud Computing, BlockChain, Data Mining, Web Application

Ryan Fang, Co-founder & COO,B.A. in business administration from UC Berkeley. Internships at Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, China Renaissance and State Street.

Song Liu – Chief Security Engineer

Yan Ji – PHD Student – Cornell University

Akash Khosla – Protocol Engineering Intern


Christel Quek – Co-Founder, Chief Commercial Officer – BOLT, advisor to Zilliqa and Switcheo

Jiangang Zhang (JZ) – Founder, CEO/CTO – PDX Technologies, Inc.

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According to roadmap, Whitepaper will be out in June 2018. Private sale is ongoing and it looks like complete allocation is already sold. This is how things are happening in crypto these days. Will keep an eye on this project and come back once whitepaper is out. Based on funds collected in presale I expect to see team expanding and MVP delivered this summer as promised.

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