– Semantic. Interoperable. Cryptographic. Concurrent. Responsive. Networks awakened as living ecosystems.

Key Points:

  • Cooperative framework for distributed applications
  • Quantum leap in large-scale collective social intelligence
  • Peer-to-Peer platform for building new Commons
  • Pluggable protocols that let everything talk to everything
  • Organically organized computing architecture of fractal receptors


Ceptr is attempt to bootstrap a semantic, mashable, fully decentralized internet. It consist of many sub projects, some of which are already know, like Holochain. It is a next Generation Distributed Operating System.

Ceptr Sub-Projects:

  • Protocol for Pluggable Protocols — Fundamental Interoperability through Self-Describing Protocols . Complete interoperability: No more silos and brittle APIs. Self-Describing protocols and a universal parsing system allows anything to talk to anything.
  • Holochains for Distributed Data Integrity — Scalable, agent-centric, distributed computing . Go beyond Blockchain bottlenecks and global consensus ledgers for scalability which ensures data integrity and distributed sharing.
  • Holo — Infrastructure for Global Scale and Stable Value. Brings cloud computing out to the edges by enabling truly distributed applications and hosting on laptops, phones, and personal dedicated hosting devices, as well as servers.
  • Sovereign Accountable Commons — Surpassing Smart Contracts for Social Coherence. Organizations incorporated in distributed app code instead of legal codes enabling new patterns of self-governance and mutual sovereignty.
  • Neural Internetworking — By supporting sticky requests which send data whenever conditions are matched, we enable neural-like behavior across all applications.
  • Ceptr Core — The fabric which binds all these capacities into an integrated framework. Plus: Virtual Machine Hosts, Fractal Receptors, Parallel Tree Processing, and more… Grammatic Capacities and the Evolution of Complex Adaptive Systems. A Fractal Virtual Machine System Frarmework as New Networked Global Nervous System. From Shared Network Storage to Distributed Associative Memory. arge-Scale Self-Reflective Functional Intelligence.

Ceptr Core has a purpose to be the fabric which binds all above sub-projects into an integrated framework via Virtual Machine Hosts, Fractal Receptors, Parallel Tree Processing, a Ceptr Network and a Compository for managing shared code & data reuse.


Ceptr is brought to you by the MetaCurrency Project — Developing tools and platforms for open sourcing the next economy.

Meta Currency has several projects:

  • Ceptr — A Next Generation Distributed Operating System
  • Source Tree Commons — Open-source Governance for Ceptr Development
  • Deep Wealth Workshop — Currencies and Design Principles for your Community
  • Agile Learning Centers — Micro-schools that support Self-directed Education
  • Emerging Leader Labs — Social Enterprise Incubator operating in the Gift Economy
  • Wealth Stewardship — A New Model for Generating, Investing and Sharing Wealth


Arthur Brock

  • Culture hacker, software architect, and alt.Currency geek who spends too much time on working on things that don’t yet exist.

Eric Harris-Braun

  • Code monkey, lover of all things meta, grammars, expressions, receptors, current-sees and more.

Matthew Schutte

  • Political Philosopher and privacy advocate that focuses on creating tools and guidance for helping communities (and other organizations) adapt and thrive in a fast changing world.

Jarod Holtz

  • Marketplace of ideas analyst, tinkerer, relentless seeker of greater global collaboration.

Jean-François Noubel

  • Expert on collective intelligence, consciousness, and evolution of social organisms. Guide, coach and speaker for global leaders and big companies to become enlightened players in the next integral economy. Living life for the last 5 years 100% in the gift economy.


  • Culture crafting, collective intelligence and new paradigm economics geek in love with experience design and facilitation. Currency designer in the making.

Nicholas Perrin

  • Media and Communication Analyst, Culture Hacker working towards more equitable interfaces that express our most diverse potentials.
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