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– The AI-Driven Decentralized Cloud for IoT and dApps

Cloud computing expenditure is growing at 4.5 times the rate of IT spending since 2009 and is expected to grow at more than 6 times the rate of IT spending from 2015 through 2020. Gartner’s prediction for Cloud Computing Market expects an increase from USD 67 billion in 2015 to USD 162 billion in 2020 attaining a CAGR of 19%.

With the rise of Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT) and AI at the Edge, we envision a great future ahead. And leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) for resource management allows DeepCloud AI to offer a revolutionary cloud infrastructure for decentralized applications.

The Goals

Our mission is to democratize cloud computing and level the playing field for cloud resource providers and application developers

  1. Disrupt the traditional cloud computing market dominated by Google, AWS and Azure, going after customers from the IOT sector and AI sector predominately.
  2. Provide a fast and scalable blockchain to run Web 3.0 Dapps, something which Bitcoin and Ethereum cannot currently handle due to their low throughput

The technology: Applications execute in a secure sandbox on the peer-to-peer resources, and all transactions are managed on the blockchain via smart contracts with full audit trail of the transaction on the DeepCloud AI Blockchain. That helps the users achieve a rich set of information and predictions and then take better and intelligent decisions.

The platform: DeepCloud applies the core concepts of blockchain and data decentralized make sure DeepCloud’s network is operating on a network or people. Desktop Grid Computing technology (utilization of nodes) will be implemented on our platform. Data will be managed and processed through the nodes that are running on the network, in return node holders will earn DEEP tokens.

The resource providers: Resource providers are those who wish to earn DEEP tokens by providing unused computing resources from their hardware devices. In order to run the DeepCloud AI nodes on their devices, they have to lock DEEP tokens as Proof of Stake. DeepCloud AI will optimize its resources by organizing nodes in clusters based on their specifications. Therefore, each device will have its processing power optimized. The main aspects for the AI controller is sharding, and sidechains. As the network is self-organized and based on the AI. The more information one can get from each node; the better the network would be.

The users: DeepCloud applies the core concepts of blockchain and data decentralized make sure DeepCloud’s network is operating on a network or people. Desktop Grid Computing technology (utilization of nodes) will be implemented on our platform. Data will be managed and processed through the nodes that are running on the network, in return node holders will earn DEEP tokens.

The marketplace providers: Application Marketplace Providers are the people who provide reusable components for building the decentralized applications and earn DEEP tokens. Application Marketplace Providers are required to stake (lock) up a certain number of DEEP tokens for providing reusable components. The more the number of developers reusing their components, the higher the lock up the scale and the DEEP they will earn.

Token metrics

DEEP token — launched initially as ERC-20 token and later on integrated with much faster and scalable blockchain Nebulas.

  • Total Supply 200,000,000 DEEP
  • 1 DEEP = $0.25
  • Soft Cap = $8 million
  • Hard Cap = $15 million
  • Only ETH will be accepted during the public sale.
  • Unsold tokens will be burned after the ICO



The team

The Team includes 11 professionals with a large variety of background from cloud computing, cyber security and finance.

Max Rye, CEO — 15 years of experience in Cloud Computing Industry. Experienced in Enterprise-level Cloud Infrastructure. AI Researcher.

Geeta Chauhan, CTO — CTO of Fortune 500 companies. 25 years of experience in leading diverse global teams. Silicon Valley Software Group. Experienced in implementation of AI on Blockchain.

Joseph Vargas, Principal AI/Cloud Artichect — 13 years of experience in building corporate cloud and AI systems. Experienced software architect and enterprise-level applications and solutions.

Darryl Lo, Business Development Manager
Founder and CEO of Alphablockchain Solutions — An ICO management and advisory firm. He has supported several ICOs in the past, including Zebi, SentinelChain and PChain.

Yurii Oleksyshyn, Blockchain developer
4 years of experience in blockchain development and software engineering. Blockchain expert.

Miroslav Sala, Chief Marketing Officer
12 years of experience in business management. INSEAD MBA valued and he has spent 6 years working in Ebay as a Business Performance Manager.

Derin Karim, Head of Community Management
Derin is the project director of Alphablockchain Solutions. He is experienced in community management and has supported several ICOs in the past, including THEKEY, Zebi and PChain.

Benson Leung, Project Management Director
5 years of experience in Tech-Business Start-ups. Several successful projects. Experienced in business operations and project management.

Maged Eljazzar, Head of AI/ML Engineering
5 years of experience in AI and blockchain development. Experienced in Machine Learning and distributed ledger system.

David Mendieta, Full Stack developer
2 years of experience in all layers in computer software development. Blockchain expert.

Felix Castro Rodriguez, Head of Development Team
18 years of experience in R&D project lead and full stack app dev. Expert streaming engineer and blockchain integration.


Vishwas Manral, Cloud Security Advisor
Founder & CEO at Nano Sec Co and Vice Chairman of CSA. 0chain and Veryx Advisor. 10 years of experience in cloud architecture. The Inventor of IPSec and ADVPN with over 30 RFCs.

Dr. Ahmed Sayed, AI/Cloud Computing Advisor
Senior Researcher at Future Network Theory Lab, Huawei, Hong Kong. PhD in Computer Science for cloud computing and AI. 10 years of experience in research and development of cloud computing architecture.

Dr. Hengky Susanto, Cloud Computing Advisor
PResearcher at Huawei’s Future Network Theory Lab. PhD in Computer Science. 10 years of experience in cloud computing architecture. Over 30 publications on computer network.

The team and advisors have the experience needed to deliver a quality product. They are not academics implementing a solution based on research but professionals that worked and implemented new technologies in large corporations.


Currently there are over 10 partnerships in the pipeline but some outstanding parties are listed as below:

Nebulas | (Currently) The Ended ICO and ranked 54th in coinmarketcap with $333,985,470 marketcap.

TV Azteca | Mexican Multimedia Conglomerate

BlockFolks | Marketing

Blockchain TechTeam | B2B Blockchain Solutions

The announced partners are not the best ones. However, DeepCloud AI is an early project and there are more partners coming soon according to the website.

Social Media

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DeepCloud AI will democratize the cloud computing services and make it easy for anyone to share their computer resources and earn some money along the way. At the same it will allow the DApp developers to get to these resources with Application Marketplace and use them for building their respective applications. On one hand we have a good solid team with great past work experience and good technical advisers, on the other hand at the present moment, there’s no hype for it at all and current state of development of blockchain is somewhat a mystery. The roadmap iš quite aggressive and it will definitely be interesting to watch the development of this project in the months to come.

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