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– The Scalable Privacy Preserving Platform for Decentralized Applications

The goal of private cryptocurrency transaction (Monero, ZCash,…) is to protect the sender and receiver together with the amount of money send. Privacy protecting applications require more than that, including the functionality of confidential transaction and also the ability of protecting input/output data privacy.

Origo Network is a scalable privacy preserving platform for decentralized applications. Origo implements a double advanced zero knowledge proof system to protect decentralized application input, output and transaction privacy.

Privacy platform is a solution to execute decentralized applications securely and privately. Origo will execute decentralized applications in a off-chain environment to protect I/O data privacy. A proof of off-chain computation execution will than be submitted to on-chain for verification of correct computation.

There are 3 major phases in Origo protocol:

  • Commit phase — each party freeze their coins in the wallet to the smart contract and than submit a commitment including their private data and coin.
  • Execution phase — each party reveal their private input to an offline executor who than executes smart contract offline in a way that input/output will not be revealed to the public
  • Settle phase — executor generates zero knowledge proof that contract is executed correctly. When blockchain verifies the transaction, transaction funds will be distributed.

The privacy of the smart contract will be secured by using Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technique.

Origo proposes several techniques on chain infrastructure to improve scalability:

  • optimized consesus — a hybrid consensus to improve throughput of transactions
  • sharding — a state of the art protocol to make Origo linearly scalable
  • enhanced Virtual machine — a new virtual machine standard to improve the execution speed of smart contract

Future applications on Origo include private crypto decentralized exchange, private fundraisings, paychecks, personal data, supply chain contracts, insurance, healthcare, IoT,…

Key Points

  • Privacy Preserving Smart Contract
  • Confidential/Public Transaction
  • privacy of the smart contract ensured by using Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technique
  • scalability by using: optimized consensus, sharding and enhanced Virtual Machine
  • High profile VC funding: Polychain Capital, FBG Capital,…


  • 2018 Q2 – Issue ERC20 token: Origo
  • 2018 December – Originis: Test net release with confidential transaction enabled smart contracts platform
  • 2019 September -Medietas: Main net release. Burn ERC20 tokens
  • 2019 December -Adscensus: Enable built in privacy preserving smart contracts.
  • 2020 June -Infinitas: Enable developers to create their own Privacy preserving, secure and verifiable smart contracts


Frank Fang

  • Former Pinterest Senior Engineer; Has extensive experience in distributed systems, encryption algorithms and trusted computing. MS in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University and Bachelor in Computer Science at Tsinghua University.

Yijia Zhang

  • Former Google Assistant founding team member and tech lead; former Google Senior Software Engineer; MS in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University and Bachelor in Computer Science at Tsinghua University.

Baron Gong

  • ICM Outstanding Winner; mathematical modeling expert; MS in MS&E at Columbia University.

Dr. Weiran Liu

  • Famous cryptography influencer on Zhihu (China’s largest Quora-like knowledge sharing community), with more than 15k followers in cryptography domain. PhD of cryptography at Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Hong Chai

  • Early Youku top 100 founding members, worked for PPS, PPTV and other major internet companies, responsible for marketing department; Former VP of CNR Media and Charm Media Group, responsible for digital marketing business; 15 years + marketing and business development experiences.

Sonia Wang

  • 15 years work experience in financial media, insurance and Internet. Used to work for The Economic Observer (China’s largest financial weekly newspaper), TOM Group Limited(2383 HKG, a member of CK Hutchison Holdings Limited), and HNA Group. Managed branding and communication department of AVIVA (Fortune 500) China, and community operation of Babytree(one of China’s largest online community) with almost 6 million users DAU.

Couple more technical contributors mentioned in whitepaper.


It is still a project at early stage. It is just starting to get attention so a short overview is all I can give at this stage. However, the idea of more robust solution for private smart contracts and platform for privacy dapps is attractive and I will closely follow this one.

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