OSCoin — Open Source coin

//OSCoin — Open Source coin


— Open Source coin, a community-governed network for collaboration and incentivization around open-source software.

It is in this light that we must recognise that only a restoration of open-source culture, and all that enables across the full spectrum of open-source possibilities, can allow humanity to harness the distributed intelligence of the collective and create the equivalent of heaven on Earth-in other words, a world that works for all. — The Open-Source Everything Manifesto

While reading the recent news about Microsoft acquisition of Github I instantly thought about this project and it seems to be a perfect time to say a few words about it.

Oscoin aims to build a decentralized network between open source software and developers that would allow for a fair economy for the development and maintenance of the world’s open source software, independent of gatekeepers and freeing the community from centralization risks associated with platforms such as GitHub and GitLab.

By moving the open-source ecosystem onto the blockchain, backed by its own cryptocurrency, oscoin will enable all distribution, hosting, collaboration and financing to happen in a network that cannot be censored or controlled by any one party.

Oscoin vision is to create a decentralized network run by the community and contributors, with a sustainable economy to back it — one in which profits would be redistributed back to those who created value in the first place through a system of self-governance and smart-contracts operated and maintained by the community.

Key Points

  • A new token called oscoin.
  • A blockchain of git commit hashes.
  • Proof-of-stake consensus.8
  • A treasury system as seen in Dash,9 to fund open-source work on the network, including oscoin’s own roadmap.
  • An on-chain governance system based on proposals, allowing atomic changes to smart-contract or regular code, including the oscoin protocol itself.
  • A community-owned ‘blessed’ code repository of smart-contracts defining the token distribution algorithm, used to reward and incentivize projects.


  • Protocol (Q1 2018)
  • Governance (Q3 2018)
  • Incentivization (Q4 2018)
  • Application (Q1 2019)
  • Testnet (2019)
  • Whitepaper and more detailed roadmap will be out in following months.


Eleftherios Diakomichalis – Cofounder – Oscoin

Tyler Neely – untitled – monadic

Alexis Sellier AKA cloudhead (@cloudhead)

Onur Akpolat

jkarni (Julian Arni)

kim (Kim Altintop)

Julien Donck -http://www.juliendonck.com/


Initial funding round partners were announced in February 2018 and listed on February oscoin update. Most notable name from the list is Fred Ehrsam.

Social Media

webpage: http://oscoin.io/
telegram: https://t.me/oscoin (2523 members 31/05/2018)
twitter: https://twitter.com/oscoin


Low hype project that is still at early stage of developement. Hype around project is coming mostly from programmer community and I like that team seems to be more focused about the work than selling the idea which is kinda rare in today ICO conditions. Project has grown from Berlin blockchain scene and it attracted some early VC investments together with some strong individual backing.

Team is growing slowly and Whitepaper and more detailed roadmap should be out in next few months. Whole idea and open source migration to blockchain together with recent news about Microsoft takeover of Github will bring more attention to project in upcoming months.

I will keep following the team and keep you updated with progress of the project.

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